Cup Tray

Product Name Cup Tray
Paper Type Paper
Feature Bio-degradable, paper pulp cup holder tray
Use Food, Drinkware, tableware packaging
Model Number 2 compartment,4compartment
Material Recycled Pulp
Type disposable
Packaging Details 25pcs*20bags, 500pcs/ctn
Customized packaging is accepted.
Printing Handling Embossing, UV Coating, Varnishing, Glossy Lamination, Stamping, Matt Lamination, VANISHING, Gold Foil
Sample Provided Freely
Logo Customized Logo.OEM

Product Characteristics:
Sturdy and Durable: Cup trays are designed to provide a stable and secure base for holding multiple cups or containers. They are typically made from materials like paperboard or molded pulp, which offer strength and durability.

Multiple Cup Compartments: Cup trays feature multiple compartments or slots that can securely hold individual cups or containers. These compartments help to keep the cups organized and prevent them from tipping over or spilling during transportation.

Convenient Carrying Solution: Cup trays are designed with handles or grips, making them easy to carry and transport. The handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing users to carry multiple cups with ease.

Eco-Friendly Options: Many cup trays are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or molded pulp from renewable sources. These options reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Stackable Design: Cup trays are often designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient storage and easy access. This feature ensures that cup trays take up minimal space when not in use.

Recyclable and Biodegradable: Many cup trays are recyclable or biodegradable, allowing for responsible disposal after use. Recycling options vary depending on the material used, but paperboard and molded pulp trays can be recycled.

Heat Resistance: Cup trays are designed to withstand the heat generated by hot beverages like coffee or tea. They offer thermal insulation, reducing the risk of burns and maintaining the temperature of the cups.

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