We are a trading company that acts as an agent for the sales activities of many green, sustainable and environmentally friendly product factories.

Biodegradable Products: PLA Cups, PLA Cutlery, PLA Deli container, PLA Straw, Sugarcane Pulp
Paper Products: Cup Tray, Hamburger Boxs, Kraft paper bag, Kraft paper takeout container, Paper Bowl, Paper cups, Pizza Boxes
Plastic Products: Plastic bag; Slider Plastic bag; Zipper Plastic bag
Wood Products: Coffee Stirrer; Wooden knife, fork and spoon
Pet Products: Cat Litter; Puppy Pad
Non-woven Bag


Our one-stop service is dedicated to giving our customers peace of mind, smoothness and comfort, allowing them to have a perfect experience!
One-Stop Solution: We understand the complexity of international trade and are committed to providing our customers with a one-stop sourcing platform. This means that customers do not need to communicate with multiple suppliers individually, but simply work with us to fulfill all their product needs. This not only simplifies the sourcing process, but also reduces communication and time costs.


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