Cat Litter

Product name Cat Litter
size Bentonite Cat Litter, Tofu Cat Litter, Crystal Cat Litter, Wood Cat Litter, Tofu Cat Litter Mixed Zeolite, Volcanic Rock Cat Liitter, Broken Cat Litter
Color Blue, White, Beige, Yellow, Gray, Pink, Orange, Chocolate, Army Green, Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Camouflage, Dark Khaki, Ivory, VIOLET, Brown, green, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Grey, Black, Light Yellow, Red, Light Green, SCARLET, Plum, Purple
Fragrance Original, Green Tea, Peach, Lemon, Chocolate, Activated Charcoal, Lavender, Coffee and more, customizable in a variety of colors and aromas.
Usage Cat Toliet
Certificate ISO 9001/BSCI/RoHS/MSDS
Supply Ability 3000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Sample Provided Freely



Product Characteristics:

  • Natural Tofu Material: This cat litter is crafted from all-natural tofu, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your beloved cats and kittens.
  • Natural WalnutLitter: Crafted from walnut shells, our cat litter is both environmentally friendly and natural. Choosing our walnut shell cat litter ensures a mindful choice for your cat’s wellbeing.
  • Sustainable Materials:Our corn cat litter is crafted from sustainable corn, while our wheat cat litter is derived from natural wheat, ensuring no harmful substances or chemicals are present.
  • Fast Clumping: Our fast clumping formula absorbs moisture swiftly, allowing it to dry within seconds for effortless clean-up.
  • Odor Control: With its natural lavender-scented essence, this litter effectively controls odors, creating a comfortable living space for you and your feline companions.
  • Lightweight:Our cat litter is incredibly lightweight, eliminating any additional weight that could lead to excessive shipping costs.
  • Flushable: Enjoy the convenience of easily flushing this litter down the toilet, providing a hassle-free and tidy solution for maintaining cleanliness.
  • Gentle on Paws: Our walnut litter features a soft texture that your cat will adore, providing them with ultimate comfort.
  • Odour Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant odours with our exceptional cat litter that effectively tackles and eliminates smells.
  • Eco-friendly:Our walnut shell cat litter is biodegradable and recyclable, embodying a green, safe, and healthy option for your feline companion.
  • Dust-free and Tidy:Prioritize a comfortable living environment by opting for our dust-free cat litter, minimizing both dust and mess in your home.
  • Featherweight:Experience the convenience of our super lightweight corn cat litter, packaged in an ultra-light litter bag.
  • Custom Mixing:We offer the flexibility to mix different types of cat litter to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a well-blended litter solution tailored to your needs.




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